If you suffer from hearing loss, then you should book an appointment with an audiologist. From here, your ears will be checked, your hearing loss diagnosed, and you’ll likely be given hearing aids.

While these devices may be tiny, they have a massive impact on your life. Hearing aids bring sounds back to your daily life, allowing you to live with more happiness once again. Seeing as they’re so vital, it’s crucial that you look after them as best as you can.

The average hearing aid can last up to around seven years. But, many people experience shorter lifespans than this. If you want to prolong the life of your hearing aids, then you have to be wary of these factors that influence it:

How frequently they’re cleaned

Cleaning your hearing aids will go a long way to prolonging the lifespan. If you don’t clean them, then they’re likely only to last three or so years. This is because so much dirt and debris will end up inside your device, ruining the way it works.

Think about it; your hearing aids can get extremely dirty. Wax can cling to them from your ears; dust can collect on them, moisture can seep in via your sweat – so many things can affect them. As such, it makes sense to ensure you remove all the dirt and debris as often as possible.

So, treat your hearing aids like they’re a part of your body; clean them every day. Make it part of your routine to give your hearing devices a thorough clean every evening when you take them out. Don’t use any cleaning products or water – a dry, soft cloth is all you need. Every few months, it will also benefit you to have them professionally cleaned by an audiologist too.

The maintenance routine

Alongside the cleaning frequency, you have to think about maintenance on the whole. Are you taking your hearing aids to an audiologist if you notice any problems with specific parts? If you try making repairs by yourself, then this will likely shorten the lifespan.

Always take your hearing aid to an audiologist so they can check any damages and help repair them professionally. Broken parts can be replaced or repaired, meaning you can keep using the device for longer.

Likewise, ensure you follow a good maintenance routine at home. Cleaning your device daily is a great place to start, but also think about opening up the battery case before you go to bed. This lets the batteries breathe, and any moisture can evaporate, preventing problems.

The amount of time they’re worn

Hearing aids will last longer if they’re worn less frequently. For some of you, this might seem impossible as you depend on your hearing aids all the time. But, there are a couple of things everyone can do to cut down on how often your hearing aids are turned on and being worn.

Firstly, take them out whenever you go to sleep. You have no need for hearing aids while you’re sleeping, and you’ll just drain the battery while risking damages. Instantly, you’re wearing this device for at least eight hours less per day.

Secondly, avoid wearing your hearing aids when there’s a risk of them getting wet. So, never wear them in the shower, don’t wear them if you’re exercising, and try to avoid wearing them if you’re not protected from the rain. Moisture is a hearing aid's worst enemy and will reduce its lifespan.

The way they’re stored

Hearing aid storage greatly impacts how long they last for. Always store your hearing aids in their protective case, away from any moisture or humidity. So, if you take them off to shower, don’t leave them in the bathroom. It’s a good idea to keep them in a dry place, preferably where children can’t reach them either.

If you keep your hearing aids in view of your children or grandchildren, then they might pick them up and play with them. As a result, it’ll only be a matter of minutes before they break! Storage is essential; don’t forget about it.

Contact us to prolong the life of your hearing aids

The longer you keep your hearing aids, the more money you’ll save. You can’t afford to keep buying a new device every couple of years – and you shouldn’t have to. By being aware of the factors that affect how long hearing aids last, you know how to keep yours in the best condition possible.

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