There are two ways your hearing aid gets power. You can choose from devices equipped with either rechargeable batteries or those powered by disposable, zinc-air button batteries. The hearing aid model you need might be limited by its power type. And while you may be drawn to one kind, another might be a better choice. Here’s what you need to know.

How Each Device is Powered

There are various hearing aids you can choose from, with disposable or rechargeable batteries.

  • Rechargeable-powered hearing aids: Rechargeable hearing aids come with a charging dock like your phone. A full charge lasts about 30 hours, so they’re convenient as long as you make sure you charge them during the day or night when not in use.
  • Battery-powered hearing aids: Battery hearing aids use zinc-air button batteries for their power. Each size has a different life span but can last anywhere from five to 20 days of consistent power without interruption.

Choosing which type to use really comes down to personal choice based on lifestyle. Neither is better or worse, but one may better suit your lifestyle and needs.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming more popular with younger people since they work in a similar way to mobile devices like tablets and phones. Hearing aids you can recharge offer some convenience over standard batteries as you typically have to have less on hand to keep them powered. Because you always know whether your battery will provide enough energy for your device. So you never have to worry about your device dying as long as you recharge it on a regular schedule.

Battery Hearing Aids

Battery hearing aids are the standard, but rechargeables are becoming more popular. Despite this, hearing aids with batteries are still a prevalent option. Powered by zinc-air batteries, standard hearing aids offer various degrees of battery life depending on the button size. For instance, a smaller device that requires a smaller battery will typically need to be changed more frequently because the size is restrictive on amount of power it can provide. Additionally, devices loaded with more features will also require more juice to power them, meaning you will likely go through batteries more frequently – regardless of size.

The Pros and Cons of Each

Like any device, there are pros and cons between battery and rechargeable hearing aids. No one can really tell you which one is best for you. But you can make an informed decision.

The Pros of Rechargeables:

  • Easy to charge, and you always know the battery won’t suddenly run out.
  • Uses a charging dock similar to iPhones which are very familiar with the technology.

The Cons of Rechargeables:

  • Batteries must be replaced by a professional rather than off-the-shelf DIY.
  • Reliant on the charging dock, so your device will die if you don’t have it.

The Pros of Batteries

  • You can replace a failed battery immediately if you have one with you.
  • You aren’t limited to a select range of models when looking for a new device.

The Cons of Batteries

  • Replacing the batteries can be challenging to this with limited finger dexterity.
  • The lifespan of some batteries is very short, and therefore costs will add up.

Each type is more suited to specific lifestyles and safety concerns. For example, if you struggle to handle smaller items, a rechargeable solution may be more beneficial for your lifestyle because you don’t have to remove and insert the small button batteries.

Replacing the Batteries

Both types of batteries will need replacing eventually, even rechargeables. And both have their limitations. For example, an audiologist is required to replace rechargeable batteries that reach the end of their life after around three years. Therefore, you incur a cost from buying a new battery and paying for a replacement service. At the same time, you can easily replace zinc-air button batteries. But this depends on whether you have the dexterity in your hands since they are a little finicky. This could be a problem if you need to do it weekly.

Getting in Touch with Audiology Associates

Choosing a hearing aid comes with several choices, from what style you want to the way you power the device. Fortunately, our team can help you make these decisions. At Audiology Associates, we have an expert team ready and available to provide expert and friendly guidance about battery-powered and rechargeable hearing aids. In addition, we can help you decide which one is best for your personal situation and lifestyle. To find out about the services we offer give us a call at (888) 701-1441.

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