No one wants to deal with hearing aid repairs because you want yours to just work as it should. However, problems can arise and there are various parts that need to be fixed and repaired depending on the situation. There are some repairs and fixes that are more common than others, but it’s worth being aware of them in case you ever need to deal with these hearing aid repairs yourself.

Broken microphone

The microphone is the part of the hearing aid that picks up the sound before it’s amplified and made audible for you. When the microphone gets damaged or broken in some way, it’s vital that’s it’s properly fixed in a timely manner. Without that, the entire hearing aid will not function properly and you might start to have trouble hearing things again. Many people assume that this means their hearing is getting even worse but it might just be down to a broken microphone, so don’t rule out that possibility.

Blocked tubing

Earwax can be a major problem for your hearing aid if you’re not careful. Of course, you can’t do much to stop your ears from producing wax, but you can make sure that you clean it regularly. You can talk to your audiologist about how to properly clean your hearing aids. If you’ve already reached the stage where the tubing is blocked with wax, you should take it to a professional and have them unblock it properly. It can be tricky if the blockage has caused damage to the hearing aid itself, so it’s best left to the pros.

Wear and tear to the earmold

The earmold is the part of the hearing aid that is made to fit the specificities of your ear. This is what makes it more comfortable for you and easier to use. Over time, you will find that when you use the hearing aid, it will take some damage. This is just general wear and tear that happens slowly over time. If you’ve had your hearing aid in place for a while and you’ve noticed that the wear and tear is a little more than you’re happy with, you can get someone to fix it for you.

Damage to the battery compartment

The battery compartment is obviously an important part of your hearing aid because this is where the power comes from. If there is any kind of damage or erosion in the battery compartment, it might stop the power getting to the hearing aid as it needs to. This could eventually lead to the hearing aid not working correctly at all and that’s not what you want. So get any problems with the battery compartment fixed as quickly as possible.

There are many problems that can arise with your hearing aid, but there is a fix out there for most of them. An audiologist will be able to find the problem, what’s causing it and find a way to fix it if it can be fixed. If you’re not sure how to do this yourself, let the professionals do it.