If you have any personal gadgets or electronics, it's likely that some of them have Bluetooth. Even if you don't use the technology, you probably have something that is capable of connecting to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. These might include your phone, computer, TV, speakers or various other gadgets in your home or even your car. One of the great things about the rise of wireless technology is that even assistive medical devices can now be bought with wireless features. Bluetooth capabilities are found in many modern hearing aids, allowing users to connect to a variety of tech.

What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a technology that allows you to connect different devices together without having to use any wires. Created in Sweden and named after Scandinavian royalty, it has been around since the 1990s. You can find Bluetooth technology in a range of devices, from computers and smartphones to speakers, headphones, TVs, car radios and other smart devices for the home and beyond. Bluetooth is one of the most common types of wireless technology. It's used by many manufacturers, which makes it easy to connect different devices together, regardless of who makes them. Unlike with some other wireless technology, you're not stuck only being able to connect devices from the same brand.

The rise of smart devices

Smart technology has been on the rise over the last few years. If you want to, you can automate your whole home using smart technology. You can connect everything from your lights to your thermostat, and control it all from an app. Hearing aids are no different in this respect, and you can choose from a range of hearing aids with Bluetooth. With Bluetooth hearing aids, you can connect to devices for playing music or watching TV and movies, as well as to a mobile app for controlling your hearing aids.

Types of Bluetooth hearing aid

You can discover a few different types of hearing aid that feature Bluetooth technology. Some hearing aids will allow for direct streaming by connecting your hearing aids and smartphone or another device. These might be compatible with a certain type of phone, such as an iPhone or Android, or they might connect to any phone. Other hearing aids might require an assistive listening device to connect your hearing aids with other gadgets.

As well as hearing aids that connect directly to smart devices, you can also benefit from the use of a Bluetooth streamer. These allow you to connect your hearing aids to a variety of audio sources using Bluetooth technology.

How Bluetooth hearing aids can help you

Bluetooth hearing aids offer a range of benefits to hearing aid users. Firstly, you can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone and control your hearing aids using an app. Instead of having to use a remote control or adjust your hearing aids manually, your phone can become your remote control. Another way to use Bluetooth in your hearing aids is to stream music, radio, podcasts, TV and movies directly into your hearing aids. Instead of having to use any cables or extra gadgets, you can just directly connect your hearing aids to the devices that you want to use.

As well as using Bluetooth hearing aids for entertainment, you might find that they're useful for more routine things too. For example, you can use Bluetooth technology to connect your hearing aids to your phone so that you can take phone calls with clear sound. As smart technology in the home develops, being able to connect to various home devices via Bluetooth will make it easier to hear things like alarms or notification noises from your appliances.

Types of device you can use with Bluetooth

You can connect to a variety of devices with Bluetooth hearing aids. Your phone is one of the best devices to connect your hearing aids to. It can allow you to take phone calls, listen to music and watch videos, as well as control your hearing aids from an app on your phone. You can also connect to other personal devices, such as tablets or computers and use them to stream any audio that you want to listen to. You could also connect to your TV to ensure you get the perfect volume. As Bluetooth technology gets better, there will surely be more ways to connect your hearing aids.

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