If you think you have tinnitus, there are some signs that you should look out for. You should go to your audiologist if you think that this might be something you have, but before you do it would be helpful if you could take along any symptoms that you have been experiencing. This is why you should pay close attention if you think you are exhibiting signs of tinnitus. Let’s look at four of these signs.

Ringing in your ears

The first and most common sign of tinnitus is ringing in your ears. This is the sign that most people will experience, and if you do notice this, you should go to your audiologist. However, there is such as thing as temporary tinnitus. So, if you have been around loud noises lately such as a construction yard, or a music concert and you have ringing in your ears, you might not need to take action quite yet. Instead, see if this goes away before booking an appointment as it could be temporary.

However, if you do have temporary tinnitus, you should try to avoid loud noises as much as you can. Buying earplugs is a great way to do this.

Change in hearing

A change in your hearing is another sign of tinnitus. A lot of people who have this condition will say that they either can’t hear as much anymore, or that they are now overly sensitive to noise. Even though it is the case that tinnitus does not cause hearing loss, you should still book an appointment to see your audiologist. This sign does not always mean that you have tinnitus, but it is better to get it checked out.

Thumping in your ears

Do you hear what sounds like a constant bass guitar thumping in your ears? This is going to be another thing that you should look out for. This is a very rare type of tinnitus so it is unlikely that you will have this symptom, but it is possible. If you aren’t sure if this is what it is, see if the thumping in your ears matches your heartbeat. This is how you will know if it is tinnitus. But again, this is very rare so don’t expect to be hearing this.

You hear music when there isn’t any

Another specific type of tinnitus means that you will hear music even when none is playing. If you are hearing this constantly, then again you should book an appointment with your audiologist so that they can check you out. You might dismiss this as background noise from music or your TV, but if you are still hearing it when you lay in bed at night and everything is silent, you are going to notice this is a sign of tinnitus.

These are just four of the signs that you could have tinnitus. If you want more information, either contact or make an appointment with your audiologist and they will give you the information that you are looking for.